ICTP-ECAR Associates Program

ICTP-ECAR is expecting applications (nominations) for associates.

Regular Associates Program:

  • Open for international applications or nominations.
  • Age range: 30-45 in the year of application. (Upper limit is extended by 2 yr/child for women)
  • Field of study: Active researchers in any field related with the ICTP-ECAR.
  • Selected by the Scientific Council.
  • Membership duration: 3 years.


  • Research visits to ICTP-ECAR: Up to 2 times a year.
  • Minimum duration of each visit : 5 working days.
  • Maximum duration of each visit : 15 working days.
  • Total duration of all visits: 40 days.
  • Dates and content of each visit is subject to coordination and approval.
  • Office space and accommodation. Interaction with local researchers at the Centre.


  • Contact representative of ICTP-ECAR in their institution/country.
  • Help distributing information about the activities of the Centre.
  • Giving a seminar/talk about their research during each visit.
  • Engaging active interaction with other researchers and students.