SEMINAR: Drawing Devices on Paper with van der Waals Materials

Title: Drawing Devices on Paper with van der Waals Materials
Date : 31 January 2020
Time : 14:00
link : click for video


A big chunk of the price tag of electronic components is due to the cost of silicon wafer substrates. Although silicon is a highly abundant and cheap element, the transformation and processing from the raw material into high quality silicon wafers results very costly. In fact, the cost of silicon substrates constitutes ~1/3rd of the total cost of a memory chip and about ~1/10th of the cost of a high-end state of the art micro-processor. The societal, industrial and technological demands of ultra-low-cost electronic components has spurred the quests towards lower cost substrates. This has motivated a surge of works on paper-based electronics in the last years. In fact, paper substrates cost (~0.1 €/m2) is orders of magnitude lower than that of polymer substrates (PET ~2 €/m2 and PI ~30 €/m2) and crystalline silicon (~1000 €/m2). Despite the promises of paper-based electronics, there are several challenges to be solved. One of the major challenges is that the rough, fiber-based structure of paper makes it impossible to fabricate devices using conventional lithographic techniques. In this talk I will discuss our last works to integrate different van der Waals materials onto standard paper substrates [1-4].

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